7 Questions Good Co-Workers Ask Themselves Regularly

We probably never think about whether or not we’re good co-workers. So, how can you ensure you’re not the co-worker everyone dislikes?

Do They Regularly Turn to Me for Advice or Help?

Are you the go-to person for any tech-related problems? Do people come to you when they’re struggling to meet deadlines and could use a hand? If you answered yes, good job! And if not, it could be for two reasons:

  • Your habits—such as wearing headphones 24/7 or always complaining about your workload—make you seem unapproachable.
  • You never offer to help, so people assume you wouldn’t want to.

Do I Regularly Offer to Help?

When you offer your assistance, especially unsolicited, it opens the door for collaboration and trust.

Do I Factor Their Success Into My Own?

When you’re about to achieve something big, do you consider how someone else could benefit (or be hurt) from your success?

Do I Consider Their Schedule When Making Decisions?

Leading up a group project? Before you send that team email, schedule that meeting, or sign off a deadline for a larger client project, do you check with your colleagues to make sure your plan works for everyone? Sometimes that flexibility can make all the difference.

Do I Celebrate Their Achievements Even When They’re Not My Own?

Jealousy tends to be the first emotion many people feel when someone else succeeds. But to be a good teammate, you have to move past , so, celebrate your co-worker when they deserve to be celebrated (and especially if they’re too humble to do it themselves).

Do I Ask About Anything Other Than Work?

It’s so silly, but a simple “How are you doing?” or “How was your weekend?” goes a long way when it’s genuinely asked over and over again.

Do My Co-workers Do Any of the Above?

This is the easiest and most confidence-boosting question you should be asking when it comes to work relationships. Do your teammates regularly congratulate you for your accomplishments? Do they include you in work—and non-work—conversations? Do they invite you to happy hour?



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