3 Ways to Recharge When You Can’t Just “Take Leave”

no-vacationsChange Your Scenery :  Psychological studies have pointed out that—as humans—we’re incredibly context-dependent. Put simply, our environments cue us in on the various habits and behaviours we associate with those surroundings.




  • Swapping out your computer background
  • Adding a plant, a photo, or a new desk toy.
  • Totally rearrange the setup of your workspace. If you have a ton of flexibility in your office, you can try working from a different area—such as a shared lounge or even a picnic table outside.

Switch Up Your Routine:  Being willing to make some tweaks to your daily habits and schedules can have some positive effects; you’ll find a renewed sense of focus.

  • Straying away from your predictable systems and workflows increases your brain’s neuroplasticity—that is, it’s ability to form new connections between different thoughts.
  • Eat lunch away from your desk!

Unplug When You Can: You can’t disconnect completely, however, give yourself permission to take a step back and unplug a little bit—at least when you’re not actively working. You might not be able to take a full-blown vacation. But, even a little bit of time off from the constant pressure of your work life is sure to have a positive impact on your attitude and stress levels.

Extract from www.themuse.com


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